Celebrating a Successful Launch!

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Emily Vaca of VACASA | MINNIDIP Inflatable Pool Launch Celebration | Palm Leaf MINNIDIP Pattern and Packed Party Disco Cup

Cheers to you!! Thank you all SO SO SO much for making the first week of our MINNIDIP launch such a huge success!! We couldn't have done it without each of you... our amazing friends that have supported our creativity for years and our new friends that have just joined the #minnidip party! We cannot wait to see you all minnidipping soon!

So I'm raising my disco cup to you guys today!! And it's filled with rosé thanks to a very special champs delivery from Miss Julie in honor of our launch... which makes it even more perfect!! Here's to a successful pre-order launch and everything that is to come!

Happy National Donut Day!

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MINNIDIP | the DONUT FORGET YOUR SUNNIES! luxe inflatable pool by VACASA

What perfect timing right?!?! National Donut Day the day after we launched our DONUT FORGET YOUR SUNNIES! sprinkled donut pool! We couldn't have planned it better when we chose our launch date months ago! 

Well of course we have to celebrate!! So in honor of #nationaldonutday, we're giving you $10 OFF (to cover all shipping costs!!) on our DONUT FORGET YOUR SUNNIES! luxe inflatable pool! Grab that delicious glazed 🍩 and pre-order your donut MINNIDIP today to join the #minnidip party!

Introducing the MINNIDIP!

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MINNIDIP | the first designer inflatable pool

The launch is here!! Introducing the very first designer inflatable pool... the MINNIDIP!!

The idea for a beautiful inflatable pool first came to us almost 5 years ago because there were no options out there that I actually wanted seen on my roofdeck... but then it got pushed aside for years while other super exciting life things were happening... our wedding, buying our first home!! But then just over a year ago, the idea of fun and festive designs like these hit us like lightning!! And we've been working on the designs and making them a reality ever since! And it is absolutely surreal to finally get to reveal to the world what we've been working on for so long! I couldn't be more excited to celebrate all summer long!

The MINNIDIP 2017 Collection features modern colors and festive patterns to bring a slice of paradise to your backyard, patio, or roofdeck! Available in 3 patterns: The That's Banana(leave)s!, The Donut Forget Your Sunnies! and The Just Add Water(melon)! I'm not going to lie... coming up with the pun-tastic names was definitely one of my favorite parts!! They're available in our shop now!

The official release is in 4 weeks, but they're available for pre-order starting now!! So order yours now to claim your spot at the #minnidip party!

MINNIDIP | 2017 Summer Collection | The First Designer Inflatable Pool

Product Launch Sneak Peek!

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Vacasa | Summer Product Launch | Animated Still Life Promo

Summer is here! Which means we're just a few days away from finally revealing our very first product!!! It's time for SUN! FUN! JUNE! ONE!

We've been working on it for just over a year and are beyond excited to finally share it with you. It's our twist on a summer must-have... so stay tuned for an awesome way elevate your summer fun on June 1!

Let the countdown begin!

Vacasa | Summer Product Launch | Animated Still Life Promo