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Goodbye Pumpkins. Hello Garland.

Emily VacaComment
Sugar & Gold | Gold and White DIY Geode Pumpkin

I hope you all had an amazing holiday weekend!! I'm still recovering from a very busy Thanksgiving with my family and friends in my hometown of St. Louis. I can't believe Thanksgiving has already come and gone. I feel like we were just at the pumpkin patch picking out the perfect pumpkins to decorate with around our home, and it's already time to pack them up to make way for garland! 

As soon as we got home from St. Louis, we got out the box of ornaments, my childhood stockings, and my favorite giant nutcracker... and it sure is starting to look a lot like Christmas in the Vacasa! So I'm saying goodbye to my favorite DIY pumpkin—with its glittering geode center—until next year!

Sugar & Gold | Gold and White DIY Geode Pumpkin